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Do you wish to organise a Surgical Teaching Event or Medical Conference in your Trust or Hospital which enables you to achieve a good-looking and awesome happening?

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About JAV Surgical Events

A large part of our system integration business has always been the transmission of Live Surgery for educational purposes. These can be to permanent connected locations like lecture theatres and MDT rooms or to special and one of events. For the past 15 years we have supported clients to broadcast surgeries and specialist procedures in all sorts of manners. Such as via a dedicated fibre optic link from a Norwegian Hospital to the town’s new Cinema, via the internet to host online teaching seminars and webinars or beaming live surgery to specialist conference hotels. We have a plethora of equipment for all sorts of applications.

If you have existing specialist equipment in the Operating Theatre or not, we have the solution. From Boom Arm Camera Systems, to head-worn Cameras, Eye tracking Glasses with video and audio. Even additional equipment for your conference rooms such as high end 4K projectors, video walls and soundsystems, headworn microphones and presentation devices are all ready to help you make your event stand out.

Talk to us and let us help you to move your surgical event reach further.


What We Do

Online Teaching & Conferencing

We utilise the Nexxis Live Platform to help you host events and conferences to a global online audience. Stream up to 4 video sources in parallel, have peer discussion with bidirectional audio capabilities, annotate and invite remote guest presenters to deliver content to your medical peers.

Support and Filming in the OR

Need additional equipment in the Operating Theatre, such as Professional Boom Cameras, head worn equipment, or just help to get your images from the OR to another destination via the trust IT infrastructure or 5G Mobile Networks.

Event Location Support

Let us help you set up the technology at the receiving side and make sure the technology marries up end to end. We have a selection of video walls, projectors, sound systems and all round technology to make your event venue look good.


What We Have Been Up To

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    From 2017 to 2019 we delivered new Integrated Operating theatres on behalf of Arthrex for the Vienna Based Vinzenz Hospital Group for a total of 5 Hospitals …

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  • NORDIC EUS, 2023

    In December 2023 we supported Professor Lars Aabakken hosting the NORDIC EUS course at the Ulleval Stadion Conference centre …

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  • Enrich

    For the 3rd year running, we have been working with the Mersey School of Endoscopy on delivering their Annual Enrich course …

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